Global Circle members agree to follow these common sense rules for civil discourse. We respect the work and humanity of each member, we stay relevant to the goals of this community, and we strive to create results having the highest positive impact.


Members treat each respectfully while engaging in a thoughtful and civil discourse. We choose to communicate using dialogue with the intent of attaining insight rather than striving to win a debate. We assume good faith on behalf of all members. Members are careful to understand and inquire before disagreeing and criticizing, and of course Ad Hominem attacks are prohibited.


Members strive to stay on topic throughout their discourse.


We have chosen to tackle the largest and most difficult problems facing humanity. It is difficult work, and we are here to make the most significant contributions we can. This will require us to be bold, take initiative, and strive for results that have the most positive influence on the most people.

Consequential action combined with well-chosen, human-based values can make a significant difference. Courageous achievements that help others around the globe for all time is wisdom in action.

Analysis precedes action. While discussion is essential to gaining clarity and assessing consensus, it is not sufficient. Only when dialogue results in some action that changes someone's life for the better have we risen to the level of doing good we all strive to achieve.