What do you want to do?

Students and faculty at Wise-U II explore two fundamental questions:
  1. What is real?, and
  2. What is good?

as they integrate their insights into solutions for the grand challenges.

At Wise U II we learn from the traditional science disciplines to bolster our understanding of what is real. We also learn from the traditional humanities disciplines to bolster our understanding of what is good. We use robust dialogue to explore deeply, increase our understanding, and expand our scope.

And then the real work begins, as we seek wisdom and solutions.

Adaptations of the basic diagram below are used around the campus to describe and discuss what we are doing, and where we are heading. Professors plot the various courses they offer on these coordinates.

Wise U II.jpg

When seeking knowledge—discovering what is—we also ask: how will we apply this for the good?

When describing our concepts of good—what ought to be—we also ask: how do we know if it is real?

This tilts the direction of our work toward the diagonal as we seek wisdom.

Wisdom is an advanced state of personal development that relies on extraordinary knowledge. Wisdom is rooted in perspectives, interpretations, values, and courageous actions. Wisdom finds meaning and significance in information through understanding interrelationships and their implications. Wisdom is a profound understanding of our existence, the human situation, our possibilities, and especially our limitations. Wisdom is a way of interpreting knowledge by viewing it from a variety of illuminating perspectives and using human values and comprehensive priorities to make better sense of it. Wisdom applies this knowledge and takes creative and courageous action to solve problems, create opportunities, and increase the well-being of all.

And we will need all that to enable us to tackle the grand challenges!

The grand challenges are not only the greatest, most pervasive and persistent problems facing humanity but also represent the most promising opportunities. These are the problems that just won’t go away as long as we avoid them. Inadequate drinking water, poor sanitation, malnutrition, obesity, disease, substance abuse, inadequate healthcare, addictions, poverty, unemployment, oppression, injustice, crime, violence, war, and genocide continue to spread misery every day. These must be overcome so we can all enjoy better well-being.

At Wise U II we draw on our wisdom to integrate the real and the good into real good solutions to the grand challenges.

We wisely choose to focus on what matters. What do you want to do?