What can a wiser world be like? How can we progress towards this great global society? To get started we might study the Wikiversity Applied Wisdom Curriculum, study the virtues, follow the wise path, or strive to increase political wisdom. We have to work to overcome the various causes that prevent us from flourishing.

Each of us has in mind some concept of the world we want to see emerge. While there is likely to be general agreement on essential characteristics of the world we want, each of us is likely to differ in the details and emphasis of how that world might be. In addition to the various concepts for such a world, we could choose to use prose, poetry, music, dance, drama, art, sculpture, video, oratory, or other communications modes to present our ideas. Finally, wanting to include all the world’s peoples who collectively speak in thousands of different languages requires us to communicate in many languages.

The complexity of the world is more than interesting, and any single representation is likely to be an oversimplification. Clearly one statement of the world we want is insufficient.

We started with this word cloud graphic, and invite you to create your own expression of the world you want to see.

To create your own graphic, begin with this text, modify it as you want, paste it into the wordle.net generator, press go, and then experiment with modifying the result.

Have fun creating an expression of the world as you would like to see it, and please share your results with us so we can add it to our gallery.


Please enjoy browsing our gallery of various expressions of the world we want.
  • The World We Want -- English language word cloud, originated by Leland R. Beaumont with contributions by other Global Circle collaborators. Many of the words were chosen because they are recognized as human virtues.
  • The image Future Balance and the essay Earth at One Billion describe the world as it could be if we choose to voluntarily reduce procreation and consumption in recognition of our finite earth.