Various members of the Global Circle have expressed their understanding of the core aim and scope of the Global Circle. These statements supplement a more lengthy statement of defining views. The full text, including comments expanding on these thoughts, are included as discussion threads linked to this page.

From Nicholas Maxwell:

“The Global Circle consists of philosophers sympathetic to the idea that philosophy should tackle, and promote awareness of, global problems - global intellectually, and global in the sense of concerning the planet and the future of humanity.”

From Leland Beaumont:

“Global Circle members begin by describing the world as they believe it can be. Ideas forged within the circle are shared outside the circle in ways that best influence positive transformations allowing that wise world to emerge.”

From Ronnie Hawkins:

"Humanity is at a crossroads, and needs a new worldview--a realistic ontology plus a functional moral approach directing human activities along appropriate lines--in order to deal with the global problems that have been largely created by the old worldview. The Global Circle includes philosophers who are willing to participate in forging this new worldview."

From Ryder Dain:

"The core aim and scope of the Global Circle is to present the goal of forming global aims for philosophy to as wide a circle of philosophers as possible."