Welcome to the Global Circle Wiki.

This site complements the Global Circle mailing list and blog to provide for collaborative development and a durable repository of ideas and content intended to make our world a better place.

The Global Circle consists of philosophers who are sympathetic to the idea that philosophy should tackle global problems – global intellectually, and global in the sense of concerning the planet and the future of humanity. We hope to encourage and promote philosophy as the imaginative and critical – i.e. rational – tackling of global problems. We hope, too, that this would encourage universities everywhere to keep alive sustained thinking about global problems, by means of Seminars, Symposia, undergraduate and graduate Courses, and public Lectures. The hope would be that such thinking about global problems would interact, in both directions, with more specialized academic research, and with the social world beyond the university – the public, politicians, the media, bankers, industrialists, and so on.

Using the statement above as a starting point, members continue to refine the Defining Views on the work of the Global Circle, and suggest what we might do.

We continue to identify the many causes that prevent the wise world we want from emerging as it could be.

Members agree to adhere to these common sense rules for civil discourse while we are:

Global Circle members who need assistance using this wiki may contact Lee by sending email to PoliticalWiki@gmail.com